Jeremy Côté

Bits, ink, particles, and words.

Alternative Perspectives

Imagine I had a block of aluminium and I asked you to describe it to me.

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Interconnecting Histories

Through secondary school, I had to take history classes. During them, I learned the history of Canada, and how there were a bunch of important wars, conflicts, and political moves that brought us to where we are today. I took classes on this for four years, and throughout all of it, the theme was the same: war between the French, British, and the native Americans, and how both the French and British flourished while taking over from the native Americans (something that is often only brushed upon in school, which is odd since it really is a place for ripe ethical debate).

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It’s no secret that if you walk into a classroom at random (but more specifically, a science or mathematics classroom), you will see a lecturer up front, with a bunch of students listening and taking notes. Sometimes, it might even seem like the students are barely paying attention to the words of the teacher, preferring to just copy what is on the board or screen.

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A Tutor’s Job

As a tutor, I have the responsibility of helping students with their various classes that are difficult for them. I am supposed to work with the student in order to answer their questions. That’s the deal, at least in my view.

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