Jeremy Côté


Me in four words: runner, writer, drawer, physicist.

This place is a collection of my writing on the above topics. I want to dive deep into ideas within physics and mathematics, as well as the parts that surround them. Above all, my goal is to share essays that capture the essence of what it means to be curious and search for understanding.

Have you ever really gotten something? If so, you know how satisfying that feeling is. To understand something at its essence is what I am searching for in my writing. I hope you will join me in this journey.

If you want to follow the blog, the best way is by subscribing through RSS. I respect your time, so there aren’t any advertisements or other distractions. There are only words (and an occasional illustration). This is a labour of love. My gift to you, the reader.

Apart from the blog, my other online project is my webcomic Handwaving, which explores what it’s like to be a student trying to carve a career in the sciences. You might sometimes see a few of the drawings from that site here in some essays, but if you want a lot more on a regular schedule, I highly recommend checking the project out.

I’m also a graduate student in physics, studying the intersection of quantum theory and statistical physics. My essays sometimes touch on the research I do. You can also see the latest version of my CV here. If you want to contact me, you can send me an email at:

– Jeremy