Jeremy Côté

Bits, ink, particles, and words.

Academics and Hobbies

I get it. You spend most of your time on school work, trying to make sure you complete your assignments and make them perfect, preparing for tests, and generally focusing on school. As such, you do not have time to do a lot of other things. You might get an odd hour here or there in the week, but nothing substantial. After all, there is always more to do in order to advance your academic career as a student. What could be more important?

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Celebrating Consistency

The exciting thing to see from a person is an explosion of productivity. We get excited when we see someone get a big break and become a “success”. We look at their work and say, “Yes, this is definitely great.”

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Identity, Responsibility, and Failure

I am a physics student, which roughly means I’m someone who writes down a lot of equations and tries to analyze systems in terms of their fundamental constituents. This is a comfortable space for me. I am good at what I do, and I fit in.

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More Than Meets The Eye

Speak with any master, they can tell you a ton about their craft. They are capable of going into incredible depth about details that you did not even know existed. They have so much experience that these details jump out to them and are obvious.

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