Jeremy Côté

Bits, ink, particles, and words.

The Long Tail

Chris Anderson explains the long tail theory as a phenomenon that has been created due to the unlimited “shelf space” on the web. Instead of having a whole market being dominated by a few giants, the unlimited size of the web has given the opportunity for everyone to benefit. While the giants are still there, the less popular pieces of work in a market can still gain a following that can support itself. Essentially, the long tail theory is an inverse function.

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Does it feel like you always seem to be missing that one thing that will revolutionize the way you work?

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The grass is just beginning to dry as the cool air of the autumn morning chills the people jogging along on the field. The place is relatively quiet, with only the sound of foot strikes on the grass and gravel to disturb the morning. Everywhere you look, there is a sense of motion. No one wants to sit still. Instead, people move around in small groups, attempting to stay warm and keep the muscles loose as the time ticks down until the race. The people moving around the course look more like a bunch of layers than anything else; a far cry from what they will look like in an hour. Jogging pants, mittens, and toques are seen on most runners. The only indicator of team unity is a common jacket.

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Every day, you change as a person. You do something just a little different than the day before. It’s not large. In mathematics, it’s called an infinitesimal change. Day to day, this change is so small that it is difficult to discern.

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