Jeremy Côté

Kindness Is Inexpensive

You might be having a bad day, or you are tired and just want to curl on your bed with a good book and escape reality. Perhaps you feel like you were taking advantage of, or slighted in some way by a person who didn’t even acknowledge you.

All of these are unfortunate situations. And still, it’s good to keep being kind.

Sure, it takes a bit of emotional investment to be kind to others, but the price isn’t high compared to the benefit you receive. If anything, be kind as an act of selfishness.

We have hundreds of interactions with others on an almost daily basis. During each one, we have a choice. Do we act kindly, or do we only think about ourselves and our own emotional well-being?

It’s tempting to think that being neutral is okay. “I might not be going out of my way to be kind, but at least I’m not actively hurting anyone,” you say.

This is true, but it disregards the opportunity you have been presented with. When you are kind to someone, their world suddenly becomes a little brighter. Things are less sullen, and they are able to move on with their emotional challenges with a bit more spring in their step.

Kindness isn’t earth-shattering, but it does compound. And there’s no arguing with the fact that it feels nice to be kind. Not only are you helping someone else, but really, you are helping yourself.

Be kind. Even when it’s difficult. It’s inexpensive, and the best part is that you get an opportunity to do so every single day.