Jeremy Côté


What’s Holding You Back?

If you’re honest about it, the thing that’s holding you back is usually fear. The fear of being judged for your work, the fear of not being seen, the fear of being misunderstood, the fear of looking like an idiot. These are all fears that we all harbour within us. These feelings are only then amplified when we prepare to put something out into the world that we deem is important to us. After all, we don’t to publicly say, “This is what I did, and I think it’s great” only to be ignored by everyone. That would be a serious hit to the ego, and thus fear holds us back.

Therefore, it’s important to continuously ask yourself the question of what it is that you fear. From there, you can begin to realize that your fear is usually based on the perception of others, which is a factor that is way out of our control. We can’t decide how others will feel about our work, despite the effort we put into it. As a result, we can only do one thing: continue putting our best effort forward into doing work that is important to us. That is a factor we can control.

When we think about it deeply, we realize that what is holding us back isn’t as important as it seems to be.