Jeremy Côté

Remove the Choice

You’re struggling to start that new project, to commit to a habit, or to continue the work you know is important. It’s difficult to get up in the morning and convince yourself to work. While you know in your mind that the work is important (and you’re happy once you’re done), each day is a new struggle.

The solution? Remove the choice.

The reason you’re struggling each day to do your work is because you’re deciding to work each day. This fatigues you each time before you even start.

Instead of getting up every day and choosing to work, make your commitment once. Decide right now, for the foreseeable future, to commit to this thing you want to do. This commitment is the most important thing. Barring extreme circumstances, you will follow through each day. This also means committing to something small enough that you can do it over and over again. Err on the side of caution to start with. You can always adjust later.

Once you do this, the struggle to get yourself motivated every day fades. You no longer have to decide each day to do the work. You decided once, and now you execute.

Does this mean you can never change your mind and doing something else? Of course not. But for pursuits in which you want to commit large chunks of time, it’s worth committing once and then following through.

It’s a lot easier than fighting an internal battle every day.