Jeremy Côté

Bits, ink, particles, and words.

Area Under the Curve

If you’ve ever had a calculus class, you may remember that the idea of an integral is to calculate the area under the curve of a function. The way this is done is by taking the sum of the infinitesimal “rectangles” that are under the curve. Each rectangle is effectively a line, but by adding them up you can create the area under a function.

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For those motivated with their training, it can seem as if time stretches out. We are meticulous with our warm ups, our stretching and strength work, and everything else that goes into being a great athlete. However, I want you to think about a different idea: efficiency. What would happen if the time you had to train was cut in half? For those who enjoy running around ten hours a week (plus let’s say two hours of work outside of running), that’s twelve hours of training per week. What if that time was cut in half? If you only had six hours a week to train, what would you do?

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At one point, anything can get filled so much that it becomes worse.

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What Are You Practicing?

Each day, you have a choice for how you can spend your time. This means that you can choose to do the training you need to do.

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