Jeremy Côté

Bits, ink, particles, and words.

Amazing Accomplishments are a Byproduct

In every domain, from sports to language to the arts, amazing work gets produced every day. If some sort of extra-terrestrial civilization were to somehow look into what gets circulated online at any given moment, they could almost be fooled into thinking everything humans do is great1.

  1. I say “almost” because a good portion of the work that gets posted online is complete nonsense. 

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Cherry Picking

Information is available more freely and readily than ever before. This is something that is evident enough, yet we don’t always consider the implications of such a statement. Because of this wealth of information, it is much easier to have many people who are uninformed spreading information that may or may not be the most accurate. Then, this information ends up getting repeated, before finally rooting itself in someone’s mind, despite being incorrect.

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You have two choices when doubt comes your way.

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Advice on Advice

Most of the time, it’s used as a crutch. Instead of actually seeking a person’s advice and acting on it, we tend to look for more advice, as if the first person didn’t offer enough. We then move from person to person, trying to understand the situation from more angles. Unfortunately, this strategy only results in paralysis.

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