Jeremy Côté


Slowly Chipping Away

Trying to solve the problem all at once is complicated, and usually too messy. When trying to solve something in one step, it’s easy to make mistakes or otherwise fail. It’s the nature of trying to figure out faster ways to perform tasks.

It’s the same way for your goals. On the one hand, you can attempt to take on too much, too soon. You can fill your schedule up with your goal to such an extent that everything becomes overwhelming. At that point, odds are you will stumble backwards from the pressure of it all.

If you want to look at the masters for inspiration, you will see this strategy all the time. Rarely will a master attack a problem head on, because they know it won’t work. Instead, they develop a methodical strategy to slowly get part of the problem solved, one step at a time. This is because it is much easier to handle a small part of the problem than trying to deal with the whole thing at one time.

When you have a choice for how to tackle a goal or situation, the smart choice will usually be to slowly chip away at it, instead of trying to get it done in one session. This way, you can create momentum for yourself, as well as stopping yourself from being paralyzed out of overwhelm. And, chances are, a big, ambitious goal will be tough to handle in one go.

Chipping away at your goal may be slower, but it ensures that you don’t get stopped by being too big.