Jeremy Côté


Will You Choose to Act?

Before making this decision, you have to open your eyes to see that choice.

It’s too easy to just cruise along in your life, ignoring any opportunity to act. If you deliberately ignore opportunities, nothing will come of it. After all, you say, someone else will make decisions for me, right? And yes, you’d be right. People will make decisions for you if you let them. However, whether or not those decisions will benefit you is unclear and difficult to guarantee.

So yes, you can go through your life without choosing to act, deferring to other people when the opportunity for you to make a difference arises. That’s a path that will always be there for you. The default one. The path of least resistance.

But, there’s another path; this one more risky. It’s not safe, and it’s definitely not stress-free. However, it does give you the chance to make a difference, if you choose to act. It’s scare, it’s not easy, but it is rewarding over the long-term. When everyone else chooses the easy path, only to regret it later on, you can be the one to say that you chose to act and make a difference.

Let’s be clear, though. Choosing to act won’t make you automatically “better” than anyone. Nor will it ever, in the end. What it will do though is create a life – which, let’s face it, is a long series of choices – in which you can be proud of. Not for the rewards it brings or the achievements that you accomplished, but for the effort in doing so. That’s the difference. You chose to act, instead of taking the default path. There’s bravery and wisdom in that.

The choices are in front of us, every single day. Will you choose to act when the time comes, even if it doesn’t “feel” right?

The time to start is now.