Jeremy Côté


I Get To

When you’re trying to become a master at your craft, some days can be more difficult than others. At times, you may feel like it’s all you can do not to throw your hands in the air in defeat and give up. It can be very tempting, particularly when you’ve faced some setbacks. During these moments, it might take an extraordinary amount of effort to actually get up and continue making progress in your work.

A useful strategy that I’ve found is to shift your mindset. Instead of feeling as if you are slogging through your work, think, “I get to do this.” By reminding yourself that you’re happy to do this and that you aren’t being forced to do it, you can shift your mindset into the right direction. This is something I employ often, because it works so brilliantly.

When your training feels like it’s all pointless and you aren’t getting anywhere, remind yourself of this simple fact: you get to choose to do this, which means you’re doing it because it is important to you.

From there, it is much easier to get out of those darker moments during a bad training block.